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vorZEITEN - TIMES gone by

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Four hundred million years of Earth’s history and 800,000 years of human history: hardly any landscape in Central Europe is as rich in archaeological findings as Rhineland-Palatinate.


The Rhine and Moselle make the region of today’s Rhineland-Palatinate both a hub and transit area. At times they make it a centre of power, at others a contested border region. Thus, the history of this region is one of cultural diversity and cultural encounters, in which the flows of people, goods and ideas – often still visible today – have shaped the region over the millennia. 


The General Department of Cultural Heritage secures, researches and preserves the collection of archaeological cultural monuments. This book presents selected findings that are representative of the archaeological weatlth of Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as up to date information on findings from the current, ongoing research.



Authors: Axel von Berg et al.


Publisher: Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz, Direktion Landesarchäologie


Publishing House: Schnell & Steiner


344 pages


2nd edition 2020


ISBN: 978-3-7954-3203-4